>Tips for moving

Moving house is up there as one of the top stressful life events.  We’ve seen a few people move over the years so thought we'd share some top tips with you.

The resounding Number One is ‘plan ahead’

Packing, moving, cleaning, it all takes a lot longer than you think so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Packing - have a good sort out beforehand, don’t move things that you haven’t used for years.  Facebook marketplace is a great way of passing things on if you can’t get to a charity shop.  Start by packing the things that you know you wont use in the time before you move, if you are moving in summer you can be sure the Christmas decorations wont need to make an appearance before you move.

Moving - enlist the help of professionals or friends early on; and make sure they are the reliable ones.  There’s nothing worse than having an army of promised help only to have one person show up on moving day.

Cleaning - Definitely clean as you go along but be prepared to spend hours cleaning in your old place once it’s empty.  It’s probably the worst bit of moving but it will make a huge difference to getting your deposit back. If you really can’t face going back why not think about paying for a cleaner?

Hannah’s favourite tip which she learnt from her Dad the very first time she moved out - leave your clothes on hangers.  It’s so easy to lift them out of the wardrobe and onto the back seat of the car, and straight out the other end back into a wardrobe.  No packing required!

Lynsey’s tip has also been passed down the family - pack an essentials box.  Include things like kettle, tea / coffee supplies, snacks, toilet roll, cleaning bits.  You don’t want your friends/movers to be caught short or gasping for a cuppa after they’ve been breaking their backs all day helping you move.