>Your agent has my shoes on

We thought we’d share some of the lighter side of lettings in our blogs.  Looking after 500+ tenants we do have some unique experiences!   Here’s a tale from a recent move-in, the tenants called the office shortly after meeting one of us at their new home:

Tenant: “This is going to sound really odd.  Your colleague has just moved us into our new home, we all took our shoes off inside the front door.  She’s just left and I’ve realised she has my shoes on!”

Agent: “Oh dear! Let me call her right away”

I really wish we had recorded the subsequent conversation between the two of us:

"Whose shoes are you wearing?"

"Well mine of course"

"Are you sure?"

"Oh no!! How did that happen? I’m turning around now!"

I’m pleased to say the owners of each pair of shoes were swiftly reunited with each other, one of us slightly red-faced in the process!

We’re currently looking for the most garish pair of shoes around so we’ve got no chance of trying to pinch someone else’s shoes.